how do you stop taking drugs?


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If you feel that you're addicted, seek help. There are a lot of kind people out there that can help you.

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it depends on why you are taking them. If it is an addiction,, you go into rehab. If you are taking them to avoid some sort of emotion or event you face that head on. If you are having trouble doing that, seek counseling. If you are doing them to be part of the crowd, find a new crowd.

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go to a rehab.

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If this is an "Addiction", then you will need help. Your brain has been rewarded to the point where it WILL find a way using your impulsive inclinations to obtain that which it so desperately wants . . . You need counseling, and possibly medications to help with those insatiable cravings.

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I read that it would be wise to enlist the aid of a competent physician who is familiar with drug detoxification. However, before a doctor prescribes medication, he should be informed of a patient’s past misuse of drugs. It is the responsibility of the former drug user to inform his doctor of his past history with drugs. Once the doctor has such information, he will be in a better position to decide whether a drug is needed or not.
Then once the drug user makes the decision to abstain from drugs, he must change his way of thinking, his whole approach to life. He must stop seeking escape by means of the mood-altering drugs and learn to face the discomforts of life confidently, doing so in a way that actually lets him enjoy life despite any hardships that may come his way.

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Depends on why you use them.  Do you take them because you need them, or do you take them because want them!  If it is a want to thing, first you have to admit that you have a problems that you will need help to fix!  I would suggest you start looking a programs that specialize in providing what you need to kick your issue.  My main suggestion would be N.A. (Narcotics Annoymis.  The first step is yours, no one can make you take it, you have to want to!  Good luck, my friend, it may not appear to be the easiest thing you ever did, but it will be the best thing you you do!

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