How Do You Help Someone Off Drugs?


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They must want the help first. If they don't want the help they wont quit they will just sneak around behind your back and lie to you. Have them to gradually decrease the amount of the drug taken, then try to stop and in about 1 month thy will use again but don't knock them this is a normal thing and if they are discouraged they will say screw it I have already mess up. Or you can say Hey you messed up I still love you and just try harder in the future. The key is if they want to quit they can if they don't want to they want. And about the rehab thing I was addicted to something really bad I don't wish to disclose but I never went to rehab ( I used about a year and a half) I decided it was time to quit so I prayed  and after that I slowed down then I quit completely and a month latter I used again but instead of looking at this as a failure I remember how horrible it made my body feel I have been around it and wont touch the stuff I have no desire. That was 4 years ago. However , I know about 8 people that tried the whole rehab thing and it dint help them at all.  Rehab tells you if you even drink or use any thing you will fall into your old habits, that is stupid really cause I can drink just fine no problem it doesn't make me want to use . I am not saying rehab doesn't work for some I am sure it does but then you have that record w/ you the reset of your life, and again until you are ready to quit you wont, and it is so much easier to quit a habit gradually rather then all at once putting your body into shock. Getting away from the using crowd can help also. Or at least backing away some.
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Well the best way to help some one off drugs his get them enrolled to a drug rehab centre. Drug rehabs normally help people attain drug detoxification and help them recover so that they can once again live a sober life.

The best part about drug rehab centres is that they are very well structured and are able to exercise discipline. Drug rehab centres help quiet a few people on the road to a better life and sobriety. In simple word Drug rehabilitation is a small expression for the practice of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, for addiction towards psychoactive material like alcohol and other street drugs.

Drug rehabilitation centres generally tend to deal with both the aspects of drug dependency, physical as well as psychological. Physical dependency engages in a detoxification method to handle withdrawal symptoms from habitual consumption of drugs. Psychological dependency is addressed in quiet a few rehab centres by trying to teach the patient new ways of interacting in a drug-free surrounding.
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The best you can do is tell them your feelings for drugs. You can't physically make someone do something or quit something. All you do is say I don't like you using drugs and give an example on why drugs are bad for you.
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The best thing to do is to leave the task to the professionals. Send the addict to a rehab center and support him/her emotionally as a friend or family so as they don't dwell back doing drugs. 

There are many rehab centers, which are doing it for non-profit, e.g., is a non-profit rehab center website. It will locate the nearest rehab center for you for your convenience. The rest is up to the addict and the professionals.

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