How Do You Stop Taking Hydrocodone?


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Cut you dose in half for two weeks then increase the time between doses by six hours for two weeks, then stop using it at all.
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I have been taking this medication since aug 2007  after finding out I had endometriosis.  I am currently in the process of joining the military. So I have had to stop taking the medication immediately.  I want to know when I will fell normal again.  I feel like I have the flu. I am tired all the time. I'm grumpy.  I have the runs. And my entire body hurts all the time.  What can I do besides getting on another medication to help ween me off this one.  I will be leaving soon for the military and obviously cannot be on any kind of medication.
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This is a question that really deserves the advice of a qualified doctor to consider the exact circumstances of the person who is habitually taking hydrocodone.  You can't get equivalent quality advice on Blurtit.

Hydrocodone is addictive.  It's a semi-synthetic opiate, derived from codeine and thebaine (both derived from the opium poppy, the same basic stuff they manufacture morphine and heroin out of).

Often hydrocodone is combined with other drugs which are very harmful to the liver in high doses.  This makes it even more important that people don't take hydrocodone any more often than absolutely necessary.

If I found myself habitually taking hydrocodone, I imagine that I would (in addition to consulting a doctor), throw out all my existing supplies of it immediately, and try reaching for other painkillers, instead.  Going along to the meetings of a self-help group like Narcotics Anonymous might be worth trying, too.

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