Am unhappy with weight gain. Tried everything but weight waters and commercial plans. Nothing works. Any suggestions?


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I don't know why people automatically assume it's the size of food you eat that causes weight gain. People are NOT only over weight because of their diet. If you tried everything but weight watchers and commercial diets then have your doctor check your thyroid and hormone levels. A simple blood test could be the key to your weight loss. Good luck.

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Change your perception of the food you eat.

You need to break it down to the simplest of terms . . . Calculate your height age and gender into understanding how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.

Use this:

Then log what you eat (there are free apps for iPhone and Android that make it easy). Drop BELOW the calorie mark that keeps you current and you will lose weight. It best to cut out ANY sugar based drinks and/or diet drinks. You can have them on special occasions, but do not let this be your "Go To" for drinks.

If you were to add physical activity that is currently out of the NORMAL day to day activity, you will see there will be an increase in the weight loss. This can be as simple as walking around your block a couple of times. Mix this in with your normal routine to help you out . . . If you spend 30 minutes on the phone catching with your best friend, do this while you do that added activity (while walking). Sometimes if we just sit and do these things we snack . . . Even if we aren't aware and are doing it out of habit.

So, figure out the calorie amount that keeps you at the same weight, log your meals to drop you below that, and add an activity that is above and beyond you normal day to day activities.  Do this, and you WILL lose weight over time.

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Yeah, it's called lifestyle change. A daily workout routine consisting of fork put downs and counting calories. You're not suppose to finish your meal. No one is going to judge you for getting a to go box. Just eat half of what you normally eat and save the rest for later.

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