How To Gain Weight?


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Rest 30mins to 1 hour before and after eating.

A serv is the size of your palm. Eat daily 3+serv fruits, 3+serv veggies, 3+servs grains, 3+servs protein/meat, 3+servs calcium/dairy. 1 multi vitamin a day, 1 cup of water every ½ hour. Other vitamins of your choice. 6-8meals a day.

Exersize 1+ hr a day. Always warm up then stretch before you do a session. Weights or no weights is fine, youtube exersizes, exersize every muscle in your body thru out the week, start w. The highest weight you can handle then work down gradually to a low weight thru the session. Do it until you can't, don’t stop for muscle pain, muscle pain is good, stop if you have bone pain. As many reps, as many sets, as little rest time as possible per exersize.

Mon cardio, tues upper body, wed cardio, thrus lower body, fri cardio, sat core, sun your choice or rest
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You have asked a very important question because it is related to a your health. First of all before gaining weight you should know that if you are underweight or not. If you're not underweight and your weight is ideal then in this case you should not gain weight. But you should tune your body muscles to help you and to get a perfect body shape.

The most simple and the best way to know that your weight is ideal or not is to measure your hight in inches and then compare it with your weight. If you're hight and your weight right now are very close to each other than you are not any health risk at all. If it is either less or more then you're at health risk.

For example, if your hight is 64 inches, your weight must be within 60-64 Kgs. If it is not the case you are at health risk.Now to gain weight you should increase your calorie intake and you should also do exercises. The simple rule of exercise is that, if you want to lose weight you should perform exercise with a fast pace, and if you want to gain weight you should do it with a slow pace. That will not only help you in gaining weight but also in making you physically very fit.
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Gaining weight is not as easy as it sounds to some people. The tricks to adding on the pounds are to eat frequently, eat larger portions, eat foods with higher calorie content, eat side dishes along with the meal, drink beverages etc. It is extremely important to put on the right kind of fat and to eat the right kind of foods as well. Exercise in the form of resistance training is recommended as a person then puts on muscles instead of just fat. The kinds of meals should remain balanced including nuts, fruits, milk, cheese, white meats, milk shakes, salads, fruit juices etc. Fruit juices are, believe it or not, fattening even though fruits are not. Alternately you could what sixty five percent of Americans have done and visit your nearest fast food restaurant three times a day, seven days a week.
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Carbs and calories; red meat and breads are a very good source of both, also, proteins such as are found in nuts.
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I have always been told to gain weight, you can eat ice cream and bananas right before bed time.
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My husband had this problem and he ordered a manual on it from America. They told him to eat plenty of carbs such as pasta and lots of protein. In the manual it says to eat every couple of hours and have small/medium meals. He gained over a stone doing this which he had never done before. The only problem is that the more meat you eat, the more you get bad breath. Hope this helps.
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There is 3 big factors to consider if you want to gain weight and build muscle.

1) Workout
2) Good nutrition
3) Rest

All factors are equally important. You could be working out hard in the gym but if you are not getting the nutrients your body requires to repair and rebuild muscle then you will be unhappy with the muscle gain. Have sufficient rest (don't train more then every 48 hrs). When you rest is when you build muscle.

I found this information from this How to Gain Weight website.
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Dear simply improve your diet.fruits and vegetables are best and exercise I am sure it will definitely work.good luck!
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Just eat thats all don't eat to much or else you will b fat make sure you et normally

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