My teeth are yellow. So I'm planning to brush my teeth daily onlce at night but after school I brush it 1 hour in a row. Is there anything bad about it if I do it in a row. (1 hour)?


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Are you saying you are going to brush your teeth for a solid hour after school? If so, it will not make any difference and you may do more damage.  Think about all that brushing against your gums. 

First you need to brush more than just at night.  I suggest you brush them in the morning too. You should know that just brushing will not make them white again. But you be nicer to be around.

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Incorrect or excessive brushing can actually wear down the enamel on your teeth.

I assume your teeth are stained.  That may not be reversed by just brushing.

Ask your dental hygienist how often and how long to brush

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Is there a way to keep your enamel while doing this
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While minor, brushing is an abrasive procedure. If the average brushing time is 2-3 minutes, and hour is equivalent to 12 days of brushing twice a day.

"Toothbrush bristles are rounded at the factory, but once the bristles wears away with use, your toothbrush becomes like a knife with jagged edges.

It is possible to over brush. I would estimate that 80% of us are over brushing. We’re obsessed, but we’re brushing incorrectly and we’re brushing with the wrong toothbrush. I see everyday people in my practice that have brushed away tooth structure and worn their teeth away using a toothbrush. There is absolutely such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to brushing your teeth.

Think about, for a moment, what a toothbrush is and how it is made. A toothbrush is manufactured by taking a grouping of nylon bristles and inserting them into a molten nylon handle. A machine cuts these bristles to make them all the same height. At this point in the manufacturing process, if you were to look under a microscope with extreme magnification, you would see thousands of little cylindrical nylon tubes with sharp and serrated edges, waiting to scrape away precious dentin and enamel."

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Yes this is wrong as it will remove the enamel from your teeth and they will be permanenetly yellow

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