What would you consider 5'4 and 140 weight wise? I am an african american female and I'd like to be "thick" do I need to gain more weight or am about there?


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According to the information You provided, Your Body Mass Index is 24.80 Your weight in respect to You height is normal and on the border to be overweight which starts at 25 BMI

Of course, this is assuming that You don't have any other factors that contradicts or affects the BMI like health issues, too much muscles,....etc

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girl, your perfect at your size you don't need to be "thic" you don't need to gain weight most times people who are thick assuming you mean a big butt and big breasts and hips comes naturally to some people your body mass index is perfect for your size as long as you excursive and eat healthy

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your size is perfect.

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Nope! You are just there.

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