My Weight 109 Pounds And I'm 20 Years Old And 5'4 Am I Too Skinny?


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I this for a male or female? A female this just right. A male a little underweight. I am 22 yrs old a male, I stand 4'8 tall and I weigh 87 lbs. My parents are normal height. All four of my younger sisters are all taller than me! My weight is proportanate to my height. I am small statured, not a midget. I am about the size of a 8-9 yr old boy or girl. About 125 lbs would be normal if you were a boy. Your height and weight is okay. What do you think about me? I have not grown since I was 17 yrs old nor I have gained weight either. I am in excellent health. Send me back your reply. Thanks
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i'm 24 years old and 5'4" and 125. I'm a size 0. And my mom's always telling me i look too thin too. Could this just be a mom thing? :)

i think you need to stop stepping on that scale for a bit, my dear. Your weight shouldn't matter as long as you're feeling healthy and happy. Do you like the way you look? Do you have enough energy? Are you eating when you're hungry? If yes to all-- then i would tell your mom that while you appreciate her opinion, you are happy with your body. I recmonded you Macro calculator app through this you get more results about Macro calculator .

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Absolutely NOT! Seems like to me you are the right size and weight! As long you are eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise you are healthy!
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You need to put on some weight  gain about 20 pound or 15 .

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