My Period Is 9 Days Late, Could I Be Pregnant?


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Although it may sound strange, being nine days late for your period can sometimes be quite normal, even for a woman who has regular periods.

However you said in your questions that you are displaying symptoms such as sore breasts, nausea, being gassy, fatigue and constipated which are all common symptoms of pregnancy. And if you do experience your periods regularly, as in it always comes on the same days or it only varies by a day or two then it would be very worth buying a home pregnancy test and confirming your suspicions yourself. Alternatively you can go to your Doctor's who will be able to conduct a blood test which is more accurate than a home pregnancy test. However a missed period is usually the first sign of a confirmed pregnancy so if you have already missed your period then you should try a home pregnancy test first. If it comes up negative then wait a few days and try again.

When you do take your home pregnancy test, be sure to follow the instructions in the box exactly to ensure that you get an accurate result. Also, another good tip when taking a home pregnancy test is to try and take the test first thing in the morning during your first trip to the toilet. This is because the levels of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) will be higher in your system and this is the hormone that the pregnancy stick will detect in your urine. HCG is a glycoprotein hormone that is produced during pregnancy by the embryo when it starts to develop after pregnancy. It can also be produced during later pregnancy by the placenta.

If you're pregnancy test comes out positive then congratulations! If it comes out negative and if you are still experiencing your symptoms then you should visit your Doctor who will be able to conduct an accurate blood test to determine if you are actually pregnant, or if there is another cause.
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It does not mean that your pregnant. It could be that your period is changing. I say that you should wait till your 14 days late and then take the test because you have to be atleast 14 days late for anything to show up on a test. Or you can take a blood test if your really anxious to know. But I would wait til your 14 days late before taking a test. But if your 14 days late and having sore breats, nusea, and frequent urination and fatigue you are most likely pregnant.
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It can be a possibility. If you had sex 7-10 days after your last period is another good indicator for pregnancy. That is the time you were ovulating. Absence of your period is the first sign of being pregnant, along with morning sickness, bloating, sore large breasts, and being moody. It is time now that you could check with a pregnancy test and see if you are pregnant. Keep in mind these are not 100%. You could have a blood test done and those are 98% accurate. If there is no way you could be pregnant give it another month and see what happens then. If you don't start then, then you do need to see a gyn asap.
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I'm going through the same thing. I'm 9 days late for my period.  I was having mild cramping last week but no blood. I took 5 hpts in the mornings and they all came out negative. Right now it's Wednesday and my doctor told me to wait until next monday to come in for a pregnancy blood test. She said it is common for people to be late because of stress or even completely miss a period all together. She ruled out a cyst because she said a cyst wouldn't make you late. It would just cause cramping. Hopefully we all get good news soon if you all haven't already :)
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Every woman will to have different bodily signs to show if she is pregnant. The most
common pregnancy sign is a delayed or missed menstrual cycle. It is important to
understand pregnancy symptoms because the symptom may be related to something
other than pregnancy.
You may develop pregnancy symptoms as often as one week after conception. Some
women will not develop pregnancy symptoms at all. Some common pregnancy
symptoms are:

Caused by the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall.
It usually occurs 6-12 days after conception.
This may include light bleeding and cramping.
Other explanations for spotting could be your actual period is coming, changes in
hormones, or changes in birth control pill.
Missed or Different Period
If you have missed your period, you could take an over the counter pregnancy test to
help determine if you are pregnant or not
Many women will still have a period even though they are pregnant
Some women will continue menstruation through several months of their pregnancy
Light bleeding during the first menstruation period after becoming pregnant is common
Other explanations for missed or different periods are weight changes, hormonal
problems, tension, birth control pills, and stress
Tender Breasts
Usually 1 to 2 weeks after conception, a woman may notice changes in their breasts
Darkening of the areolas, the skin around the nipples, may also occur in the early stages
of pregnancy
Feeling tired is a common symptom of early pregnancy
Other explanations can include stress, depression, a cold or flu, or other illness
Nausea or Vomiting
Usually begin between 2 and 8 weeks after conception
Some women will never deal with it and others start to get sick very early on in their
It is common to experience back pain throughout a pregnancy as your body adjusts
Other explanations are stress, PMS, or physical strain
The changing of hormones can cause headaches
Other mental strains or eye problems can also be an explanation
Frequent Urination
Usually occurs around 6-8 weeks after conception as the uterus pushes on the bladder
Other explanations are urinary tract infections, or possibly other medical problems
Food Cravings
You may crave a specific food, not necessarily pickles and ice cream
May have an aversion to certain foods
Other explanations are poor diet or lacking of a certain nutrient, also stress and

Pregnancy symptoms can be similar to other medical issues. If you think you are
pregnant, you can first take an over the counter test. Pregnancy tests are very accurate
and if the test says you are pregnant, you probably are. If the pregnancy test comes back
negative and you still have not received your period after another 5 days, you should
retake the test. It is possible you took the test too early before. If you still have not had
your period, it is important to see your doctor; you may be pregnant or have another
medical issue.

If you should suspect or discover you are pregnant, it is very important that you make an
appointment to see your health care provider. Prenatal care is essential for both you and
your baby's health. Today there are many options available if you have an unplanned
pregnancy. You can visit Lifetime Adoption for more information on adoption, and to
chat live. In today's adoption world, you can choose how involved you want to be with
the adoptive family. Open adoption offers women the option of finding a forever family
for their baby, while maintaining contact through letters and pictures.
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Well being 9 days late is just very normal, even for women who have the most regular periods. The period cycle can vary from 28-52 days on average. However, since you are having unusual symptoms, which could be linked to a possible pregnancy. It would be wise if you can test for pregnancy. Take a home pregnancy test to confirm. Be very careful throughout the test and follow the instructions accurately for proper results.
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Thank God I'm not alone, my cycles have always been btn 24 - 28 days, my last period was on april 18th 2010, have done 3 preg test on 10 dpo, 14dpo and 17 dpo and all are negative, have been ttc for 6 six months, I am afraid to test again and I just don't know what wrong with me, hv no symptoms I can pinpoint, though even in my 1st I did know until iwas 24 dpo. Let just wait and see what happens.
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Well.. How Old Are You.? When You Are Under 14 Or Over 50 Your Cycles Is Either All Over The Month Or Erratic I Am 52 And I Go Months And Months Without One Then It Comes And It's Either  Not Much Or  6 Days Long.. I Am In Perimenopause. Ask Someone About This.  I Go To WEB MD A Lot. They Have Tons And Tons Of Medical Info There.. Have You Had Erratic  Cycles Before??
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No it doesn't mean your prego's it could simply be your cycle is changing or maybe stress. But if its a chance you may be you should get a test.
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Sometimes it is natural. If you are afraid that it is not natural, then go and see a doctor for some advice.
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You could be pregnant. But it's most likely that it wsa just late. Try taking a pregnancy test. I hope your alright!
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My last period was May 6 and it is now June 10. My cycle is usually regular but I have taken a test and it was negative. I am feeling a little uneasy. The test that I took was at the hospital on the 5th of june. Oh my god what should I do?
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Hello everyone I'm 9days delayed from my period which usually come on the 3rd day of the month,my last period is last february 3, 2010. Its 12th day  of march now still not have my period & I'm very worried. I just started a great career with my new company & I can't afford to give it up. But I do love to have a baby. I hope you can advice me what to do?God bless
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I had my period on March 1st, 2010 which lasted 5 days. Then 5 days after my period I started spotting, only when I wiped there was blood.   So when March 29th came around and no period I started to worry.  It's now April 6th and there is still no sign of my period.  My husband and I had unprotected sex on March 26th.  I don't know If I am pregnant or what is happening.  I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative.  Has anybody else had this??
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I am 9 days late and have been gettin bak aches and pains that feel like period pains for the last 4 days and still no sign of a period! I'm to scared to do a test! But if I'm not on in 3 days I wil get 1 and do 1 .. Is that enuff tym for it to bring bak an accurate result?
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Iam 4 days late for my period and I just don't know what to do I'm never late for my period what could it be...
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Gals who are late just eat pineapple one can should be enough and you should get period in 2-3 days and if not than I will suggest to get pregnancy test and just get take home pregnancy test and follow the instructions properly.
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My period is very normal never late. My last period was march 15th 2010 it is now april 19th 2010 and still no signs of it. I've taken two urine pregnancy test but both negative. When is a good time that I take another test?
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You can test for pregnancy from the first day of a missed period however to get best results try waiting a week after the first day of a missed period if you are pregnant you need to discuss with your partner what to do next remembering that it is completely your choice whatever you decide to do ,but if you turn out not to be pregnant you need to visit the family planning clinic to discuss more suitable contraception for the future take care  
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The day I was suppose to start my menstruation   I started spotting a brown and light pink. Not even enough 4 a liner... I have been 9 days late. And when I woke up I was bleeding, as the day fades my period seems 2 not really be here. Iv taken 6 pregnancy   test, 2 said positive and 3 said negative, Could I be pregnant???? Please help I'm confused
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Maybe because usually when a woman misses her period she is pregnant but sometimes it's false
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My period is 9 days late. I don't have any symptoms of pregnancy, me and boyfriend have always used a condom and it has never broken or slipped. I have cramps and feel like it wants to come but for some reason just wont. I started exercising a little more lately, but I'm not stressed (except for the fact that it hasn't come yet) Is there any way i could be pregnant? If not, what else could be the reason for it being so late??

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