How Can I Tell When I Conceived?


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Generally the easiest way of finding out the time of conception is to contact a qualified doctor who can easily determine it through fool proof methods. The doctor is a reliable and the most credible source of finding out this information. A doctor finds out the date of conception because it helps him/her while determining or setting the date of delivery though it might not be accurate and can be a little longer or before the given date.

But supposing one wants to find out the date and time of conception oneself then the key is to study the concerned woman's cycle. A woman is most likely to get pregnant for two weeks in the middle of the cycle. In other words, one week after their last period started until one week before their next is the most likely time. So if sexual intercourse took place during this time then it is most likely to be the time of conception. This is the time when women ovulate the most. It may also happen many days before the ovulating time because the sperm can survive for up to 5 to 7 days.
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It is easy to workout about the date of conception. This calculation can give expected date of ovulation. As you you know that egg can live for 24 hours after the ovulation, so, date of conception can be around date of ovulation. You can calculate approximate date of ovulation for 28 days cycle by adding 2 weeks in first day of last menstrual periods or by subtracting 38 weeks from expected date of delivery.
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Exact date of conception can not be figured out because it depends upon ovulation which can takes place at mid of the cycle but early and late ovulation is also possible. Sperms can live alive for 5-7 days in  female body, that is is why exact date of conception can not be calculated. While calculating conception date, normal events are assumed that is ovulation at mid of the cycle and 28 days cycle. You can figure out conception date by adding 2 weeks in the first day of periods.
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You can tell by that last time you started your period.
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O.k., here's how they figure out your due date. They count back 3 months from the first day of your last period and add 7 days, that tells you about when you can expect to deliver.
Here is what I suggest you do, count forward 3 months, and take away 7 days, this will give you about the day you conceived. Hope this helps, good luck.

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