Do Pills Used To Make You Grow Taller Work? Are There Any Risks From Taking Them?


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I have used the product and it did work for me.
Ever since, I have been supporting it because I feel that more people
should be aware of it, it is a good height system. If you want to buy
Growth-Flex Pro or if you want to learn about height-related concepts, go
to where I went when I needed help -
  I was 21 when I used it, euro male, 5'7 and I gained around 3 inches of height.
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What you are thinking of is Human growth hormone (HGH).

The odds are that in pill form that it won't work.

The stomach acids probably break them down so completely (into constituent amino acids) that none of the HGH gets through to the blood stream. This is the general consensus. So more of a scam, than anything. But at least they can't hurt you (except in the wallet). They are now being promoted as anti-aging pills, too (no proof of that, either).

Normally HGH is injected. It is most often prescribed for children who were not likely to grow to a normal adult height. Usually because of a genetic condition. Children who are expected to not reach a height of 5', and who are likely to be able to otherwise live an independent life, are those who would get weekly HGH jabs.

Getting HGH jabs has side effects, and it doesn't work consistently. Side effects in children and teens can include: swelling, abnormal growth of the hands, feet and face; muscle and joint pain; sweatiness; headaches; high blood pressure; and extra hair growth.

HGH is sometimes prescribed for adults who are naturally deficient, but not to make them taller; it helps with things like maintaining bone density and energy levels.

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