How Bad Is Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery?


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Training starts on the 2ND day after operation and can be painful at first. Taking the pain pills
they give you helps get you through it especially if it is a total knee replacement. After about
6-8 weeks you will be glad you did it . If you need both knees replaced do them both at once
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This really depends on how major you surgery is
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I'm having total knee replacement on my right knee and I've heard a couple of horror stories about physical therapy afterwards. I know it will hurt but is it really that bad?
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After 6 weeks of post P/T 2x a week at home...up to 94 degrees...How long should I have to go to outpatient for which will probably start in 3 weeks?

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Depends on the person.  If you are a couch potato before the surgery, your going to be a couch potato after the surgery and the rehab will be more difficult.  The stronger you are going into surgery, the easier rehab will be.

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