I Just Finished The HCG Diet. I Was Using Injections. I Still Have Weight To Lose. How Long Do I Wait Before I Start Another Round Of Injections?


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Hi, before you start another round on hcg. At least have to wait 6 weeks.  If you need more info go to www.hcginfo.com.  Good Luck!!! I just started and have some questions too but haven't got any answer..
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I went to a weight loss clinic and lost 30 lbs on hcg injections and a 500 calorie diet. I was not hungry and for the first time in my life was a success at weight loss. I0 or so lbs to lose and the clinic said to wait 45 days. If i return to the clinic they will charge me alot for the medicine. I ordered 2 vials of 5000 iu of hcg on internet and bought bacteriostqatic water 30 ml. I'm not sure how to successfully mix it. Do you know?
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I advise people to stay away from this diet.  The weight loss claims are based on women having to go on a Very Low Calorie Diet.  This is a starvation diet and is not advised.  In any event, I cannot offer you advice on that.  Here's an idea:  Se what a medical professional would say about this diet.  

If this second round of injections requires you to purchase more of this product, do some research first.  

I hope you are not starving yourself.  If you are, as yourself how can you burn fat stores if you are not consuming proper nutrients to allow your body to function normally?

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