How Long After You Had A Hysterectomy Do You Wait To Start Hcg?


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HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, a hormone that is produced naturally by a woman in the heavy part of her period, as well as during pregnancy.

HCG is used to promote fertility in women who are experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant.  The dose is typically 10,000, by injection.

HCG is used as a weight-loss aid by injection at 125 (80 times LESS than the amount used in fertility treatment) and by a homeopathic preparation in drop form, for which the recommended dosage is 3 ml. Per day.

Injections require a doctors prescription; the homeopathic remedy does not.

HCG permits the release of extra, abnormal fat stores for use by the body for energy.  It fulfills exactly that purpose during pregnancy to accommodate the extra demands placed upon the woman's body by the growing fetus.

For weight loss, the client takes the HCG while undertaking a very strict low-calorie diet.  The HCG releases the abnormal fat stores for energy, and the client loses weight, anywhere from .5 pound to 1 pound per day is average.  The longest treatment recommended if using the homeopathic drops is 60 days.  Then the client takes a 6-week "break," following an 1500 calorie diet of specified foods, to stabilize their weight and re-set the hypothalamus, which regulates all endocrine functions.  If the client has more weight to lose, they may undertake another round of drops, not less than 26 days, but not more than 60 days. 

You do not say if your wife's hysterectomy included removal of her ovaries.  If her ovaries were removed, it is likely that her doctor will prescribe estrogen or progesterone or both as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 

It is recommended that HRT be discontinued when doing a round of HCG.  This should only be undertaken with the knowledge of your wife's healthcare provider.  The reason for discontinuing HRT while using HCG is that the hypothalamus is re-set after a round of HCG.  If hormones are present in the body from HRT, the hypothalamus will think that all is well-- when in fact it is not-- and the result will be that any weight loss sustained on the program will not be able to be maintained in a stable fashion.

If your wife still has her ovaries, this will not be an issue-- but she may go into post-surgical menopause within five years after the surgery, and the first year of menopause seems to render the HCG less effective for weight loss.

Post-surgery, your wife should probably wait 6-8 weeks for healing and stabilization of the normal levels of all bodily systems before undertaking an HCG protocol for weight loss.

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My wife has had a hysterectomy, but I am unfamiliar with the term Hcg.. Perhaps you could expand upon that a bit?

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