How Can I Do More Sit-Ups?


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Sit-ups are an important part of most exercise or workout routines.

To get the perfect ironing-board abs, upping the amount of sit-ups you do in a session can certainly help.

To achieve the stamina and ability needed for a rigorous sit-up session, why not try out the fitness tips detailed below.

How to do more sit-ups

Building up stamina for an effective sit-up session (or any workout session in fact) can be achieved via the following:

  • Organize your sessions- divide your work-out into groups (with a manageable number of repetitions per group). This will give your exercise routine structure, and will make targets appear more achievable.
  • Diet- is an important part of any fitness training. Making sure you're getting enough protein is important. This will give you enough energy to push yourself further, and also provide the building blocks for all those abdominal muscles you'll be building.
  • Other exercises- Try doing a full work-out rather than just sit-ups. Doing some light cardio before your sit-ups is a great example, and anything that gets your muscles warmed up gradually will increase your stamina. Leg lifts are great for lower abs, and building this set of muscles up certainly makes sit-ups easier.
  • Sit-up products- The fitness market is full of products (think those shopping channel ab-wheels). My opinion is that they are not really necessary to increase the amount of sit-ups you can do.
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The sit-up is basically a strength training exercise. To do this exercise an individual has to lie down on a flat surface with knees twisted at an angle of ninety degrees, then sit up without moving their knees.

During this exercise the hands are positioned behind the head or neck, across the chest, or at times straightened out corresponding to the body.

For beginners it is always recommended that you start off with small sets of five, and later go on to increase the sets depending on the physical ability of your body.

This exercise is done with the basic idea of strengthening the abdominal muscles, but it also develops the hip flexors and lower back.

Quiet a few do sit-ups on regular basis in an effort to gain a 'six pack', but it is suggested that abdominal exercises be shared with certain type of cardiovascular exercise like running to burn lower fat and allow the abdominal muscles to be visible.
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In a word - do more. It sounds like you're already doing sit-ups as part of your workout, so to take it up a notch you can (1) add weight - maybe hold a light dumbbell, (2) mix in some other, harder ab exercises to build strength that will carry over into more sit ups, and/or (3) cultivate a burning desire to do more - whatever the cost!

Doing more sit-ups is a matter of endurance, assuming you can already do 10-15 of them. From that point, just push forward and do more. There's no magic way to be able to do more other than old-fashioned sweat and determination.

Other ab exercises, like incline bench sit-ups or using an ab-roller, can get your abs stronger, making it easier to do more sit-ups in a row.
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