Are Sit Ups Good To Make Your Tummy Smaller?


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Actually the only way to get a smaller tummy is to exercise and to eat right. Sit ups only define and tone the tummy muscles. It does not help you make your tummy smaller. If you have a lot of fat in the tummy, you will need to do some cardio work out three to four times a week for at least thirty to forty-five minutes to lose the extra fat. Cardio work out could mean running at a good pace covering 5-6 miles per hour or using a cardio equipment such as a stair master would also suffice. Also eat a sensible diet and restrict the calorie intake to less than 1800 per day.

Once you have lost the fat then sit ups will help you define the muscles in your tummy. Otherwise also it will help build the muscles in the tummy but as these will be hidden under the excess fat at the beginning, you will be unable to see the difference although you may feel it in time. Also, crunches are as good as sit ups for defining those abdominal muscles. Performing sit ups does not increase the work out impact any more than crunches.
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I think that it could help. By doing a few sit ups a day might help a little. But I think the answer is to exercise everyday. A least an hour everyday and your tummy will go back into shape in no time.eating right to will help. Try to avoid eating junk food and chocolate.
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I really don't think so because if anything it would put muscles on you and keep your stomach the same way, so running and eating right is the best way to get smaller good luck

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