I Have A Pain In My Teeth. What Tablets Should I Take?


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Tell me tablets
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If you have pain in your teeth, the first thing to do would be to see a dentist to determine what might be causing that pain. If he doesn't find a cavity or missing filling or such, then he will be able to tell you what to take or do.

In my own situation, my dentist advised me to use a toothpaste that I got in the grocery store, that numbs your mouth when your brush your teeth. He explained that some people have sensitive gums, and when these hurt it makes it feel like it is the teeth hurting. I think this was called something like Senseodine. There are several options to choose from.
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You need to brush your teeth with GLISTER toothpaste twice daily.
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if you have toothache you could try Paracetemol as that is the most popular, and you could also try oil of cloves on a small piece of cotton wool.
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If its the gum you should take an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen but you can also use paracetamol and codeine (cocodamol) or you can try clove oil

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