My Husband Is Fixed And We Want A Baby, What To Do?


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In certain circumstances he can have his procedure reversed so that you can become pregnant.  You would need for him to visit with the doctor who did his original surgery...or someone that is a specialist in that field.  Another option, but probably less appealing to the both of you,  is for you to be artificially inseminated using your egg but someone else's sperm.  One other option is adoption.  There are so many children that are in need of a home where they are wanted and can be provided for financially and with love and concern. Those are some of your options but I do hope your husband can have his surgery reversed and the 2 of you have the baby you want and deserve.  My very best wishes to you in this endeavor.
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You can get artificially inseminated by with your husband's sperm. They can take it from the testicles. But this is all very, very expensive. Your best bet is to get the procedure reversed. It is done relatively frequently and although more difficult than having it done to begin with, it is quite safe.

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