How Do You Check For Chadwick's Sign In Pregnancy?


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Chadwick's first reported this observatory in 1886. Some of the signs during pregnancy are that the vaginal mucosa appears bluish/ purplish-red. This happens due to increase in blood flow. This is only suggestive of pregnancy, not diagnostic. Any state that causes overcrowding in the pelvis could be in attendance with similar findings. Chadwick's sign was also reported on the vaginal mucosa and not the external lips of the vagina or labia. You may desire to see you OB/GYN medical doctor to have a test to decide the cause for the discoloration.

This is just a reply on information found through various sources. Hence, it is best if you recommend a personal physician who will be in a better position to answer all your queries.
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Chadwick's sign is a bluish (or cyanotic) cervix. It can usually be observed around 4 weeks gestation by inspecting the cervix. The cervix becomes cyanotic because of REDUCED blood flow, not increased blood flow. The same effect can be seen in very cold hands or feet: the blood flow to the extremities is reduced to keep heat in the torso and essential organs, turning the hands and feet bluish.

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