How Can I Dry Up My Breast Milk?


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Lot of mothers face the problem of engorged breasts afer childbirth. In many cases the engorged breasts remain that way for a few months after weaning. While this condition is not harmful, it can be annoying and irritating at times. There are different ways by which you can dry up your breast milk.

You can take the help of Mother Nature, for one. What you need to do is crush some cabbage leaves mildly, and then keep them over your breasts for 48 hours continuously. YOumay replace the leaves with new ones once they start to wilt, but do not discontinue the process. The leaves have to remain on the breasts all the time during that 48-hour period.

Another way of drying up your breast milk is to drink sage tea every day. The dosage is approximately 2 to3 cups a day.

Besides, you can also opt to use cold compresses. These compresses can be of ice, frozen milk, or other such items.
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I have read NOT to bind your breasts or wear tight fitting bras it does not stop milk supply and it becomes very painful,
You just have to stop breastfeeding altogether, and to relieve some pain take some ibuprofen.  I hear the cabbage idea is great and using ice packs or ice to help.  But don't put them directly on the skin- wrap them up in a towel or something.  If you have to hand express or pump milk to relieve pain you can but ONLY enough to relieve you discomfort so you don't trick your body into thinking it needs to make more.  Hope this helps.  I am breastfeeding and have been for 10 months so I am going to try all of this.
OH and I also read to drink Sage tea.
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Wear tight sport bras (two if possible). Also can wrap an ace bandage around your bra(s). And as most of you have heard or read, cabbage leaves on the breast. The only thing with the cabbage, I'm not to sure how long you leave it on them. I have read for 48 hours or until they start to wilt. The last thing, if you are having a really hard time drying up, ask your OB Doctor to put you on some medication to help the process.
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I was once told putting a cabbage leaf over each breast in your bra would help..   old wise tale I didn't try it but I liked the full milk look got plenty of extra up top for a while & the longer you have milk the more likely that will be your new size I went from a to a small b then  to a small c
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By wearing a sports bra that is tight fitting it suppresses your breast milk and makes it stop coming out.
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There isn't one you just have to wait it out! And it will be painful
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There used to be one but there were side affects so it was removed from the market. Now doctors suggest using an ice pack. This method really works. It takes about a week or more. You will notice the difference.

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