Why Do I Crave Salty And Fatty Food When I Have PMS?


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The answer is probably more to do with your general diet than with the PMS. However, there are fluctuations of hormones and blood sugar levels immediately before your period begins. These can cause you to crave foods which may be fatty, salty and generally not good for you. The problem is that when you eat salty foods in particular, these will make you retain fluids, which will make the PMS worse and will cause you to crave even more fatty and salty food.
Some women find that drinking a lot of water just before menstruation helps them to flush out their system and it eases fluid retention, thereby reducing PMS.
It may be worth trying to drink a glass of water whenever you feel the need for salty things. This will at least reduce the amount of 'bad foods' you can eat, because the water will help you to feel full more quickly.

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