Is There A Difference Between 'Fat' And 'Overweight'?


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Will Martin answered
Yes, there is a difference between being 'fat' and being 'overweight' - although people do sometimes use these terms interchangeably. I'd say there is a slight difference in meaning between the two words, though.

The difference between being 'fat' and being 'overweight'
Being overweight simply means weighing too much - and what that means exactly, depends on the situation.

For instance, at the airport, your baggage can be 'overweight' if it weighs more than the official baggage allowance.

From a medical point of view, a person is overweight if they weigh more than is considered healthy for their height and age. However, such a person may not look heavy at all.

Remember, a person's weight can be contributed to by their bone-structure and muscle-mass too.

Fat, as a noun, is just a natural oily or greasy substance. It's also part of the make-up of our bodies. If we say a person is "fat" we mean s/he looks as if they have a lot of fat on their body.

It is more an aesthetic comment than a medical one.

A doctor would seldom tell you you were "fat" - they'd probably refer to as being one of the following instead:

  • underweight
  • average weight
  • overweight
  • obese (if you are extremely overweight)
These are all specific weights that can be calculated.

To say someone is fat, on the other hand, is simply to make a comment about their appearance, based on your own perceptions - rather than any objective standard.
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Christy Muller answered

Being fat and being overweight are one and the same....however when referring to someone's weight, doctors usually classify someone as either within the normal range, overweight or obese.

Bottom line is if you are either fat or overweight, you are carrying around some excess weight.

For health reasons it is a good idea to maintain a healthy weight for your size.

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Jordan Mark answered

You can be overweight and not be fat. Some scales might suggest that you are overweight because they dont take into consideration your height or body type, but that doesn't mean you're fat. Being fat means you are at an unhealthy weight with an unhealthy amount of fat.

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Pippa Corbett answered
Yes there is, fat means more stuff bulging out of your clothes. Overweight just means you're not on your right weight, but you still look good.

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