How Long Does It Take To Produce A New Egg On A 26 Day Cycle?


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The eggs are already formed in the ovary it is just a matter of when they will get released. No matter what your cycle is. This is how you can determine when you are ovulating to get pregnant. 7-10 days after your period is when you will be the most fertile and the only time you can get pregnant. Now a couple of things you can do to find out when you are ovulating for sure is one, there is a kit you can buy but you must follow the directions to a tee or you can take your temperature every morning and once it starts to rise in that time frame you will be ovulating so call hubby to rush home and do the dirty. Lol
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Usually an egg is produced 10 to 13 days of last cycle. This will vary, as some people will have irregular cycles. If using this as a form of birth control, nada, do not attempt.  Sperm can live in body for over a week, as well, an egg will remain in womb for several days. This is not a safe method. If you are trying to get pregnant. Then that is another story. Take your temperature everyday. When you see a rise or increase, you will know you are ovulating.  If men can abstain for a bit, this is best time to try.  A lot of men, if they have sex on a regular basis, sperm count will go down. So likelyhood of empregnating are reduced.  There is always that chance though.  Best of luck.  Egg usually released in middle of cycle, but can vary

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