What Causes Finger Tips To Swell Up And Fill Up With Puss Around The Finger Nail?


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The most likely reason for this to happen is an infection in or around your fingertip. If you have a cut, scrape, or puncture wound in this area, it can become easily infected. Also, if you bite your fingernails, or cut them too short, you can cause an infection. If you have hit your fingertips with a heavy object (such as a hammer) you can also get an infection. The same applies to if you smash your finger. It is possible that you have an infection resulting from an ingrown fingernail. If you have hangnails, they can impact into the skin and cause infection. Infections must be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage.

Always clean any wound thoroughly with peroxide, alcohol, or antibiotic ointment. Soaking it in peroxide is probably the best way to stop the puss. After cleaning it, putting on antibiotic ointment would benefit you. The wound’s constant contact with antibiotic ointment will help clear the infection at the site. Make sure you wrap it in a sterile bandage. Wear gloves if you are going to be dealing with dirty objects or heavy equipment. Most finger infections do not require a doctor’s visit if cared for properly. Make sure to keep the wound clean and isolated. If there is a lot of puss, it is very infected and requires medical attention.

If you don’t already take a multi-vitamin, you might consider trying it. The vitamins will improve your immune system, which helps your body to fight infections on its own. This is a simple and cost-effective way of preventing infections. If you feel it is necessary to see a doctor about this situation, he might prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection. In this case, you should take them as directed and return to the doctor if the infection does not clear up.
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Most likely, he only has a minor infection of the finger, so for the time being it should suffice to place his finger in hot water periodically to try and get rid of it. However, if you notice that the pain should increase, or become more generalized, and at least one of the following symptoms: Fever, nausea, or dehydration, bring him to the emergency room immediately; he may have some form of necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating bacteria which can be deadly within 24 hours if not treated, so time is obviously of the essence here. Make sure to mention this possibility to your doctor and ask the proper tests be carried out, even if the doctor is reluctant to conduct them; this condition is overlooked often, due to its rarity, but when it strikes it can kill or cause severe, extensive, and life-long disfigurement. The only way to limit any damage is to receive treatment as soon as possible
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Your boy friend is suffering from paronychia. This is superficial bacterial infection involving tips and nails. The treatment can be started at home by putting the finger in the warm water many times a day. You will be OK in 2 days. If this does not work, the first drain the pus by incision and then take antibiotics for 5 days.
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He probably got this infection by fingering you, so you need to increase the cleanliness of your coochie with washing.

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