What Happens When You Drown?


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When a person sinks in the water, he will not be able to inhale oxygen, instead he will be swallowing lots of water, thus his epiglottis closes the trachea and water goes to his stomach until it become distended as the person try to survive. Eventually, the residual air that remains in lungs floats the body above the water. At this point, the person is already drown, the brain and other vital organs of the body has been depleted with oxygen that  is necessary to live.
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Well when you drown it causes death. In other words drowning is death caused because of suffocation when liquids enter the body and cause interruption to the body's absorption structure of oxygen from the air which results in asphyxia.

The primary reason of death is hypoxemia and acidosis which eventually results in cardiac arrest. On the other hand near drowning is the survival of a drowning incident which involves oblivion or water inhalation and can cause acute secondary complications like death after the incident. Hence incidents involving near drowning also necessitate attention by medical professionals.

In quite a few nations drowning is the primary cause of death for children under 14 years of age. There have been instances where children have drowned in wading pools and even in bath tubs.
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First you sink to the bottom, then as your flesh starts to rot, air is formed inside and you float back to the top after a few days. Unless of course you have been weighed down by cement or bricks etc
In fresh water you sink, in salt water you float...‚ô•nassy
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When you drown. You stop breathing water inters your lungs and the co2 in your body increases and you die

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