What Can I Do To Seriously Build My Weak Leg Muscles?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Begin by exercising six days per week. Increase your post-exercise intake of protein by three times the amount. Find low fat protein solutions so that you aren't just piling on excess fats.

Drink lots and lots of water, muscle is mainly water and proteins.

Go to the gym six times per week and have one day of decent rest.

Do squats, three sets of fifteen, three times per week and also do lunges, three sets of twelve, three times per week. Increase the amount as you get stronger.

On the other three days make sure you use the cross trainer and the bike, the rower or the step machine. If you can exchange one of these for a swim every week, give it a go!

Use the other leg machines three times per week, three sets of ten, progressing with your strength over the weeks.

Try holding dumbells during your lunges and your squats.

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