What Exercise Can I Do To Tighten My Stomach Muscles And Get Rid Of Cellulite?


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I have the same and I now manage to do sit ups. But check with your dr because mine was straight forward. Drinking plenty of water may help but I don't believe you can get rid of it completely. Check your diet also, some foods make it worse. As for your arms, hold your hands out shoulder height and twist arms back and forth. Also, hold arms above your head, bend elbows placing your hands behind your neck holding dumbells or a can of beans and lift the arms up and down from the base of you neck to just above your head. Don't drop the dumbbell - it hurts.
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Christopher Ranjit
Getting rid of cellulite has very little to do with sit ups. Diet and Cardio are the best ways to tackle the fat. Doing sit ups will build muscle under that fat which is not what you want. Check out this awesome video for a great plan that I've personally used and seen awesome results from: http://bit.ly/1sfYXc6

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