My 16 Year Old Daughter Is Only 56 Inches (about 142 Cm) In Height. I See Her Worry Too Much About It. Can Anybody Tell Me Something That I Can Tell Her To Soothe Her Worries Or Just Suggest How Can She Increase Her Height In An Easy, Natural Way?


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One cannot increase their size of height. You can lose weight, add weight, you can change hair colour and even eye colour (with coloured contacts) but unfortunately, it's not possible to change height.

It is possible of course to emphasise her size less by the way that she dressed, she can wear boots and hats, which add height at both ends, potentially, about two extra inches, but really this is something that she needs to learn to cope with.
Under exceptional and optimum conditions, her height can still change, although she has already passed the time when her greatest growth spurts will occur.

Instead, you should focus her on other things, eating healthy, exercising, doing her school work, making and sustaining great friendships, there are a lot of tall people in the world and a lot of short people in the world, but many more unhappy people, building her self confidence and working on maintain and sustaining a fulfilled life will do more for her than a few extra inches or cms.
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Dear Epictetus, thanks so much for responding my question in such a nice way. Your advice is fully well thought and I ceratinly endorse it hundred percent. I would also love to read it to my daugheter to enlighten her. But I remain still confused about one thing - is there specific medical/health research reference that people can't increase their height? I remember I heard that physical exercise maybe of some help (although I myself don't know any reference for that). I have seen commercial ads claiming they could help increase height.
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Are you kidding? That's not short for a female! I actually have been in a relationship with a woman who is 5'1" tall, and you know what - she would not be nearly as beautiful as she is if she was my height (6'1"). Your body grows to the exact size that it is supposed to (unless you have dwarfism). Just let her know she is beautiful, have someone else let her know she is beautiful that isn't so biased on the subject (being her mother). Kids will be kids, ignorant and immature. Tell her to look past what they say about her height and that will make her mature and be able to think and act more mature faster than they will. Kids just want to be treated with respect as adults are, and in my experience some of those kids deserve more respect than a lot of the adults I regularly encounter. Being shorter doesn't make her less of a person, it just means she never has to worry about people taking advantage of her height to reach tall shelves or objects. :) best of luck
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From a medical stand-point, a couple of important questions to answer would be whether her growth plates have fused (usually 2-3 years after onset of menstruation), and what are the heights of the parents. If her growth plates are open, she would continue to grow, if they are closed, she will not grow anymore. Also for a girl, take the father's height and subtract 5 inches (13cm) and average with the mother's height (e.g., if father is 5'8", and mother is 5'3", the expected height would be 5'8" - 5"=5'3" and the average of 5'3" and 5'3" would obviously be 5'3". If she is significantly below the average height of the parent's, then something maybe amiss. However, more important is if the growth plates are still open, and a simple way to tell this is to get an x-ray of the left hand to get a "bone age" that looks at the growth plates. If she is 56 inches (4 feet 8 inches) at age 16 and her growth plates have fused, unfortunately, it does not appear she may grow much more.
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135cm (53 inches) and proud. It might not be helpful but she might hit a growth spurt yet. If not she can join the CAP (Chibi And Proud) Club. On the brightside she doesn't have a growth hormone difficiency.
Dynamite things come in small packages! She may or may not become tall but the good thing is the fact that guys usually prefer girls who are shorter than them. They do not like to look up to their girlfriends. I am short too but I love the fact that I am a 'mini-wonder.' I do not have to look at people if I do not want to. When they complain that I never look up at them, I can always escape by saying that looking at them gives me a neck-ache! Your daughter will get used to her height and will be okay with it. Teenagers always have problems with the way they look and they do eventually grow out of it. It is all part of being a girl.
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She can do exercises to increase her height and be active

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