Can I Clean My System From Weed In 3 Day?


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Urine tests that look for drugs in your system are getting more and more adapted and better at detecting even the slightest traces of drugs in your system. Three days is not really a substantial enough amount of time to clean your system of drugs for a urine test. If you are undergoing a hair test then traces of drugs and alcohol can be detected in a sample of your hair for years after you take them, so unless you shave your head, there is not chance of you getting traces of drugs or alcohol out of your hair.

However, there are several methods that some people swear by to clean all traces of drugs out of your system three days before a urine test. The first one that people claim to work is taking three shots of vinegar, as disgusting as it sounds, and then drink as much water as you can. They say on the Internet that this must be done two days before the test so that your urine won't look too watered down. Then it might look suspicious to the testers. If you do this method the day before the test then your urine may appear like water, which again will look suspicious to testers.

Another method that is on the Internet is rather risky than the previous method. This one says to use toilet paper and ajax. Put the ajax in the middle of a sheet of toilet paper and roll in into a small ball. Then you need to take three of these like a pill with some water. Another method says that you should try mixing a small amount of bleach with cranberry juice however it is recommended that you try this, or the previous method because it could be very risky for your internal system.

Other people recommend that you could "borrow" some urine and put it in a pill bottle and hide it some place where it won't be detected when you go to take the test. Again, this could be very risky because if you are caught trying to cheat a urine test, then suspicion will be heightened.
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Their are many ways to pass a pee text I will just give you a few that I know works .
Now this one I Have Done Many Many Times / Take three shots of Vinegar and drink as Much water as you can but this must be done two days before the test so your urine won't look watered down. You can also take it the day of the test but your urine will look like water. The Second Method Is use toilet paper and ajax Put the ajax in the middle of a sheet of tissue and roll it into a ball, and take it like a pill you will need three balls and then drink water.
The third ans final was is to mix a small amount of bleach with cranberry juice and drink it like a cap and a half of bleach. I Know all of these sound crazy but they work . I Live In Oakland Ca And it has been proven that over half of the citys population smoke weed so we have many many ways to do it. The easiest way is to get a non smokers pee and put it in a pill bottle. Warm it up before you leave for the test and put it in a condom for the girls and for the men put it in a lemon squeeze bottle a small one store it anywere it can not be detected but it also needs to have skin contact to keep at your bodys temp . Good luck all
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Actually its not impossible. I cleaned my system the day before I got drug tested for probation. I didnt eat that day but I kept drinking tea and water and doing exercise. So its not impossible just hard
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An herbal cleanser if it is right
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Take a couple shotz of vineger 3dayz befor expected you.a and then drink tee's and water ovoid sugery items during this 3 day home detoxification method. Hope this helps.
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There are ways to get around testing and pass but to actually clear your system of it in 3 days is impossible...  If you smoked just once then maybe in a week you could pass a test and be clean, but most don't just smoke once and it can take 1-3 months to be clean for those who smoke more than occasionally...
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Like the other answer states, it is not possible to clean the system in 3 days. But there are things you can do to pass a test. Here's a link for Sure Jell:
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I don't condone cheating or lying - but this makes me really worried for your further health and life.Why don't you just excuse it with having friends or a partner thats been smoking quite a lot next to you for the last time being? That will have made you "side-stoned" If you knwo one with a prescription for cannabis that would really be an argument . I became "side-stoned" from my friends who smoked heavily, so I couldn't have passed a cannabis test back in time - even I never touched it. Or better - don't fool those wanting a clean test - hence you fool yourself from getting a better life and change, which is what I suppose you want to achieve :-) Would coming clean and admitting you dropped in once and smoked cause that serious problems? If the system is flexible around you and want to help you, you will win double then, won't you ;-) I don't condone cheating or self-denial or dodging acting responsibly and sensible. I only gave this advice, because I find the advice other gave including dangerous chemicals in your body far worser for you in regards of serious health issues. It is with regrets I give you advice on how to maybe work it around. But I wouldn't like you to suffer serious damages to your body system for ever. It only lasts till you die. And that can be quicker than you expect, if taking really hazardous chemicals for something you are responsible for having done.

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