How Much Does The Average Gymnast Weigh?


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There is no average weight of a gymnast because each individual will weigh an amount that coincides with their height, as well as what gymnastic ability they train in. For example, a male is likely to weigh more than a female. In addition, if a male is trained in gymnastic rings then he will have more upper body strength and weight as opposed to a gymnast who trains in the balance beam who primarily use the muscles in their legs.

  • Women's Gymnastics
For females, one of the events they train for is the vault. This consists of the gymnast running at speed towards a springboard which they jump off and leap over a table, which tends to be a few feet off the ground. They then land on a mat and hold their stance.

The balance beam is another event where they complete a routine on a relatively thin beam while keeping their balance. In addition, uneven bars are used for gymnasts to swing from bar to bar using their hands and carrying out flips in between. The floor exercise is more concerned with a form of dance as they display a routine to music.

  • Men's Gymnastics
Like the women, men compete in the vault and the floor exercise although their routine only lasts 70 seconds. They do, though, train for the still rings which consist of the gymnast swinging from the rings in the air and completing a variety of movements.

In addition, they swing on a pommel horse using their hands without letting their legs touch the table. They also compete in parallel bars and high bar, where they perform a routine. The parallel bars are made of wood and the high bar is thinner and metal.
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That depends on your height, because you don't want to be 13 and weigh only 80 pounds. But on average I would say anywhere from 80- 110 lbs. You can't be too heavy because you need to be able to support yourself. As long as your normal for your height you should be fine...
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I am a gymnast/all-star cheerleader and at my academy, we have to weigh in every week to maintain our weight. On average, most of the gymnasts weigh about 100-115. Anywhere in there is a good weight because its all muscle.
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It depends on what obstacle you have to perform.....

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