What Percentage Roughly Of People Get Pregnant Around Their Ovulation Day?


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You can't know you're pregnant until the embryo implants, usually 7-10 days after ovulation. Some would say you're not really pregnant until you can detect the embryo, some would say that the dividing ballast is a pregnancy, even though it can't be detected. I always think no point in calling it a pregnancy, until it can be measured.

The egg is only viable and available to be fertilised for about 36 hours after ovulation. It has to be fertilised then, or the woman has no chance of getting pregnant.

However the woman does NOT need to have sex during that crucial 36 hours to get pregnant. Sperm can survive for up to 7 days in the woman's body. So sex any time in the 7 or so days before ovulation can lead to a pregnancy. The usual advice to conceive a baby is to have sex every other day during the week before ovulation.

I think what you might be wanting to know is, "Do you need to have sex on your ovulation date to get pregnant?" -- and the answer is no. Else, "What are the chances I'm pregnant considering I had sex on my ovulation date?": the answer depends more on your age than anything else. A woman over 40 has very low odds (<5%), a woman under 20 has very high odds (>25%).

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