Can You Conceive On The Day Of Your Ovulation?


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Yes it can definitely cause you pregnancy in you. You can also get pregnant 2-3 days before  Ovulation other than it pregnancy can occur if you have sex the day of ovulation as well a day to two
days after ovulation since your eggs are only really good for 12 hours
after ovulation has occurred . For the proper diagnosis you have to wait 2 weeks for the test of pregnancy.

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Yes you can get pregnant on your ovulation days, why because that's when your most fertile.. You should most definitely use protection or else you are more than likely going to get pregnant. You said he didn't pull out, well you should wait maybe two weeks and take a test or make a doctors appointment in 2 to 3 weeks because those home test don't always state the truth
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Ovulation day is the best day to get pregnant. Yes you are fertile on that day.
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I had sex on the day of ovulation could I have become pregnant?
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Ovulation is where the egg is being released by the ovary. Once that egg is released its ready to be fertilized. Your best time of the month to get pregnant is at the time of ovulation. You are fertile the day you ovulate.
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Yes, within 24 to 36 hours of ovulation. Fertilization should occur within 24 hours of ovulation for the best chance of conceiving. If you are looking to conceive and are having difficulties...I would recommend #1) Purchase and read Dr. Richard Marr's Fertility Book #2) See a physician who specializes in fertility.
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Also, if your periods are not consistent...Your ovulation dates wont be consistent. So I would recommend taking doing the Basal body temp chart. But seriously....I have a 9 year old and an 18 month old. I had 4 miscarriages in between. That book enlightened me and encouraged me. I read it then went to my doctor and was able to ask the right questions that got me the answers I had been looking for, for years.
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Ovulation, as stated above, is the five days out of the month when you are fertile. That 5 days is the most window that is most open when you want to become pregnant, but always remember, that just because you have sex during ovulation, does not mean you will become pregnant. Though, 85% of couples who stop using a form of birth control become pregnant within a year. To answer your question though, yes, you can become pregnant the day you ovulate. Though it is best to have sex every other day on ovulation, to up your chances. Hope this helped.
For better explanation, go to and click on the Getting Pregnant link at the top of the page. From there, you can view the ovulation calculator, and much more to help you.

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