How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Baby's System, In The Womb?


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It will depend entirely on how much you smoke and how frequently you smoke cannabis to determine how long it will stay in an unborn baby's system.

It also depends on your body's rate of metabolism. However, THC (the "high" in marijuana), will stay in an unborn babies' systems for anything up to one month on average.

How long does marijuana stay in a foetus's system?

It is not advisable to smoke marijuana when you are pregnant, due to the negative effects the drug will have on your child.

  • Pregnant women who smoke marijuana might affect their baby's development and the growth of his or her nervous system. Based on studies, babies whose mother was exposed to marijuana during her pregnancy, often experienced difficulties in problem-solving and focusing their attention.
  • The children of marijuana users can also have difficulties regarding short-term memory, judgment, and concentration. Using marijuana during pregnancy may also cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • There is also the added risk that the cannabis you are using is laced with some other drugs, such as PCP; or tainted with some pesticides - which will also be a significant health risk to your baby.
  • Fortunately, if you smoked marijuana before you knew you were pregnant, you do not have to panic. The possibility that your baby was affected is very small.
  • You should inform your practitioner of your use of marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs so that additional tests can be run in order to be sure that your baby is developing normally.
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It usually can stay 30-45 days. It all depends if you're a heavy smoker or not.
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I just read that even smoking weed one time can stay in an unborn baby's system for 30 days. So, if you are a regular smoker, it will stay in your baby's system even longer.

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