If You're Pregnant And You Have Gastritis, What Can You Take For It?


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Gastritis can be caused by so many different things, it is worth getting an accurate diagnosis of each individual's problem. Sometimes it's a physical problem that needs surgery, or another medication that needs to be changed. Often it's caused by a bacterial infection, especially Helicobacter . So the most effective way to treat it might be to use antibiotics to zap the bugs out.

A lot of antibiotics are reasonably safe in pregnancy; ask your doctor what they recommend.

For heartburn or irritation caused by gastritis, antacids such as sucralfate are often prescribed. So far, this looks safe in pregnancy -- sucralfate has been tried in small studies on real live pregnant women without ill effects, and it has seemed harmless enough even in mega-doses in pregnant animals. Antacids like Sucralfate may slow labour, so give it a miss if you think you're going into labour.

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