10 Days Before My Period And Having Early Symptoms Of I Pregnant?


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Yes, naturally, you can indeed become pregnant at this time.  In fact, assuming one is healthy, one can become pregnant anytime during the cycle, although some times are more favorable than others.  Assuming one has a cycle of 28 days, it is likely you are at one of the more fertile times to be able to conceive at this time, but this can vary from individual to individual.  If you do not wish to become pregnant, it is wise always to take precautions against it.
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7-10 days before periods, majority of the women have premenstrual syndrome. This is a conditions due to unknown reasons but high levels of progesterone hormone can be most common contributing factors. These progesterone levels are also high during pregnancy. Symptoms of pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome are almost same. That is why premenstrual syndrome usually mislead for pregnancy. Some common signs of premenstrual syndrome are

1. Bloating
2. Breast tenderness
3. Lethargy
4. Mood changes
5. Food craving
6. Muscle spasm
7. Feeling of fullness
8. Headaches
9. Cramps
10. Pain during periods
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Oh my god I think I'm pregnant someone help I don't know if I really am
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Only if you are a fertile woman.

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