I Have Yellowish Vaginal Discharge. It Is Odourless. What Causes This? Is It Harmful?


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It could be a sign of infection. although normally that would be accompanied by a pretty foul smell, and green is more likely than yellow when there are infections.

Most women have some discharge, most days, from down below; it's a normal part of the organ's ability to self-clean. If this is normal for your body to do this, then it's nothing to worry about. Nor is it harmful to anybody (you or your partner).

If it starts to noticeably smell, if it's a change from your body's usual rhythms, or if you're just plain still worried, then see a nurse or doctor. Don't be embarrassed; they have encountered far worse (more disgusting, more smelly, etc.).
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I have white odour-less discharge frequently, especially when the time is hot. What causes this?

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