Is It Smart To Smoke Marijuana If You Have A Heart Murmur?


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Marijuana is known to increase heart rate. You won't die or anything but I'm sure it's not healthy to smoke weed with a heart murmur.
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Hi. Alright, so if you have all that good stuff happening in your life why would you want to change it by smoking marijuana. And I have a heart murmur as well and I get a burning sensation in my chest when I drink., worse than when I didn't have the heart murmur. So I doubt smoking marijuana would be good for it, more than likely much worse than drinking.
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Its not smart to smoke pot at all. Makes you retarded. Less likely to get a good job if you smoke everyday cause you're too stupid to make sound decisions.
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Actually im an athlete with a 3.9gpa in the 12th grade. Im actually very mature for my age and can make better decisions than 21 year olds. Im a star runningback for my team and were good as hell. Ive taken in so much discipline and respect in my life, not only from my coaches and football but from my father. So smoke that!

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