What Does A Dentist Do On An Average Day?


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A typical day in the life of a dentist involves a number of activities; if she/he is a periodontist or a cosmetic dentist then her/his activities would be only slightly different.

The conventional neighborhood dentist might receive several patients throughout the day who may have cavities in their teeth and would want to get them filled. Cavity filling is the most frequently done task of any dentist for which he may use a cement or metal filling as may be the requirement.

Later on he may have patients who have chipped their teeth for whom he would prepare a cast and fix it on the broken part a process more commonly known as capping. A parent with a child might come in next and request the dentist to fix braces on her child's teeth as they are protruding and not in alignment.

Still others would come who may want their teeth whitened for that perfect smile for which the dentist would use a bleaching gel. A patient with several missing teeth would request an implant for which the dentist would give him/her a future appointment as this task requires a fair amount of pre planning.

Lastly a nervous patient might come who would complain about pain in the jaw which on investigation would turn out to be either a decayed tooth or a wisdom tooth either of which would have to be removed, of course with a lot of reassurance and encouragement.
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This would depend on what kind of dentist they are. A general dentist will typically spend the day cleaning people's teeth and maybe filling a handful of cavities. They might also have to perform a root canal. Some dentists also place braces, tighten braces or things of that nature. There is so much that it's hard to generalize a typical day.

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I am a practicing dentist and I can say that on ordinary days I just drink coffee or walk in the park not far from home with my dog on all other days I have a practice, I think wealthy dentists do the same thing as me, maybe they just don’t have a dog haha. By the way, I'm doing my practice here Edinburgh Dentist. This is the dental practice in Edinburgh that I have always dreamed of. If you are from Edinburgh and you have problems with your teeth, I am waiting for you!

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First they start at 7  am and finish at 8pm. They usually do activities during day including filling, taking etc

they have break at 10 and lunch between 1 and 2pm

any questions ask me , mu uncle is a dentist!!!!
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Well. First they pull out some ... Then they yank some... Then they tap that... Turn it one way.. Then the other.. Then go in further... Then put white stuff on... Then the patient screams... Patients mouth is numb... Then they pull it out
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Mouth looking ?

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