How Do I Reduce My Metabolism Rate?


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Very human being has different metabolisms rate some have fast metabolisms and others have slow. With the person age the metabolism slows down. Scientists have predicted that metabolism slows down 5 % per decade at age 40 as muscle lose mass and increase body fat. As compare to fat muscle burns more calories so when muscle mass is reduced so is caloric needs.

Mostly metabolism is the body procedures that burn calories. The metabolic rate includes the energy required for body functioning which also includes digestion. Only 10% of calories which we intake are used to digest and process the food. Food directly affect metabolism by altering the way the body functions, which changes the amount of energy it needs.

Eat at less than 1,000 calories per day. It is said that eating a low calorie diet help in reducing weight but it is also true that if one eat too few calories his/her metabolism rate will get slower and slower. And when the metabolism collapse the weight that is reduced will most like put on after some time.

Garlic is very good for health; lower the risk of heart attack as well as it also reduces the metabolism rate.

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