How Long Does The Crystal Meth Effect Last?


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Ususally, the most potent effects of methamphetamine usage will last between three to four hours, with the less-noticeable effects lasting up to twelve.

This will depend on how much you have taken and how fast your body metabolises the substance, though.

The way the drug is administered will also have an effect on how quickly you feel the effects and how long they will last.

Crystal meth can be ingested orally, snorted through the nostrils, injected with the use of a needle or smoked using a "ice pipe".

How long do the effects of crystal meth last?
  • Methamphetamine is taken to stimulate the body's central nervous system. This substance is similar in structure to another potentially-abusive substance, amphetamine.
  • Meth (also known as crystal, ice, glass or crank) works by accelerating the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a naturally-occuring chemical within the brain, which is responsible for feelings of euphoria, reward, pleasure and motivation.
  • The drug also has the potential to increase alertness, concentration levels, energy, self-esteem and the libido of the user.
  • Because the drug activates the "reward" chemical of the brain, it is extremely addictive. People who become addicted find it very difficult to give it up.
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Depends how much you take of it and how you take it.

If sniffing lines after the last line it will usually last about 2 -3 hours - although depression will kick in a couple of days later and you may start to feel suicidal.

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