What Are The Symptoms Of Meth Withdrawal?


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Meth addiction / Methamphetamine addiction - when exposed to long term usage it can be devastating for health and even withdrawal from it. It profoundly alters brain function and damage to the neurons. The drug tends to be a combination of toxic chemicals like battery acid and ether.
The withdrawal from the drug is similar to that of cocaine and other stimulants. Most obviously there is a raw craving for the drug just after the withdrawal, as abstaining from it completely is never that easy. Thereby, the best way of keeping oneself away from it is going through detox monitored by a physician who specialises in addiction.
The common symptoms noticed after the withdrawal is depression, anxiety, fatigue, intense craving, confusion, failures in motor systems, and problems with appetite and psychotic reactions.
Fatigue is a feeling and sensation of tiredness, weakness and lack of energy. Irritability occurs due to short term stress and anxiety. It can be chronic also, sometimes leading to serious diseases like Alzheimer's or brain tumours. Irritability results in mental health disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. Excessive and disturbed sleep are other symptoms noted after the withdrawal from Meth addiction.
Problems with appetite result in excessive hunger also known as Polyphagia, which is also noticeable as a symptom for this disease. Psychotic disorder is another important symptom, which gives rise to paranoid conditions and delusions. The person can go detached from reality, goes crazy and aggressive in his/her behaviour.
Again, proper medical treatment and timely use of Detox under the supervision of physician can help in getting better, even after withdrawal from Methamphetamine.
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I'm from Oregon where METH has been around since eternity. People coming down or coming off meth will literally sleep for days only to get up to either eat or go to the bathroom and then go back to sleep. They are severely hostile if you aggravate them. We call it DOPE SICK. Some people will vomit, have diarrhea. They will crave sugar and literally eat candy bars like there is no tomorrow. I know people to actually eat cake mix straight from the box. After about a week or two they will gradually start to get up and stir around, but will be craving meth like crazy and will want to go out to chase the bag for more to start the whole crazy cycle over.  Meth is the devil.  
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Me and my ex boyfriend have been seeing each other again..about 5 months ago he was into doing meth alot and actually wanted me to try it and I definetly wouldnt, but when we started seeing each other again he said he'd quit. Well..hes been asleep for 4 days straight. Hasn't called me or anything. I finally got in touch with him today (4th day) and he chewed me out and totally jumped down my throat. He been throwing up and very sick. Im sure hes coming down off a Meth binge. :(
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Meth or methamphetamine is centrally acting stimulant. It cause drug addiction and have some withdrawal effects. These effects can be

  1. General weakness
  2. Exhausted.
  3. Fatigue
  4. Body aches
  5. Depression
  6. anxiety
  7. Sleep disorders
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I agree with this, but would add:

Inablity to concentrate
unexplained anger
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Crystal Meth Withdrawal is horrific. Most of the effects are mental but Meth is a drug that grasps hold of your mind and it is an addiction that is terribly hard to overcome. It takes a very strong minded person to come back from the place that Meth takes you. Tree People, FBI, Spy's, cops! Stay Strong and seek lots and lots of support from those around you that care for and love you!
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There are no withdrawal symptoms from use of methamphetamine because it is not physically addictive. There are, however, signs you can look for while a person is either high on or detoxing from the use of meth. The signs you may notice while a person is high on the drug are more than likely from sleep deprivation rather than from the actual drug itself. These may include: Dark circles under the eyes, large or dilated pupils, pale skin, sunken cheeks, paranoia, nervousness, hallucinations, etc... The person may also appear jumpy and/or jittery with the inability to look you in your eyes, focus, or show emotion. The signs of a person detoxing from meth almost always include eating and sleeping. A person will sleep for several days at a time awaking only to eat and/or use the restroom... After which, they more than likely go back to sleep and repeat the process. They will also experience depression at this time.
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There are physical withdrawl symptoms from meth. Just because they aren't as noticeable as heroin, don't judge to soon. You break out in cold sweats, puke, nauseous, headache, shaking, so many things.
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Meth is a drug that takes over before you even realize your life is
completely ran by it! Not much of a physical addiction rather than
mental.. But just as bad if not worse...

In the seven months I've used I lost custody of my daughter became homeless Lost the ability to maintain
my liyfestyle as a mother wife and Daughter I let go of every
relationship and every desire to fix those broken hearts.

At times I literally feel crazy and can get angry in ways ive never imagined...

Rage has become a demon inside of me i constant ly battle. Irrational
behavior is a major change I've edured yet worst of all being able to
name all my issues yet not beIngd able to feel any sense of true
motivation to change.... Mmeth did not choose this way of living. I did.

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Meth is addictive and yes sleep deprivation cause many of the symptoms but coming down is horrible. It is evil.

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