Does Drinking Tons Of Water Get Your Urinary System Clean Of Meth Within 24 Hours? 


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Methamphetamine (or meth) is a drug that tends to linger in the system for a relatively long time.

As far as urine testing, I would suggest it would take up to a week for you to test clean, even if you are flushing your system out with water.

How long does it take to get meth out of your system?
The answer really depends on how you took the meth and how much you took.

Smoking is the preferred method of administration for most users, but unfortunately this method also leave traces of meth in the system for the longest.

When your lungs absorb methamphetamine, the body breaks down the chemical and releases waste-products that are stored in several areas of the body.

A urine test is most interested in the metabolites (or waste-products) that are found in body fat - which is eventually passed through the urinary tract.

How to pass a drug test for meth
Obviously the more meth you take, the longer it'll take your body to get rid of its waste products.

Based on a study performed by Clinical Chemistry, levels of methamphetamine metabolites are severely reduced after 34 hours.

Despite this, traces are still potentially visible after 9 days.

However, their test was based on methamphetamine administered orally - so timings might vary if the drug is injected or smoked.

Drinking water will help get your body processing metabolites more quickly, but to be really effective you'd need to couple it with serious cardio-vascular exercise and a healthy low-fat, low-calorie diet.

You may also want to consider that, in regular meth users, repeated drug use causes the liver and kidney to under perform.

This will make it harder to flush traces of meth out of the system.
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Actually, Opiated is right. Drinking a ton of water does not clear your urinary system of drugs... Not meth and not THC. The urine will come back diluted which is also considered a failed result.

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