What Could Cause A Red Spot On The Breast?


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A red spot on the breast could be caused by several things. The best thing that I can suggest for you to do is see your doctor. They will have a better idea of the sorts of things that can cause red spots.

How big is the spot? If it is relatively small and has a yellow head, it could just be your bog standard zit type spot. This should clear up within a few days, or if you want to get rid of it quicker, you could buy some over the counter cream for it.

If the spot is bigger and more prominent, it could be some sort of cyst or boil. Is it weeping? This is a classic symptom of a boil. Your doctor will pop it for you if it is causing you any discomfort.

If the spot is tiny and bright red, it could be a capillary spot. These appear naturally anywhere on the body over time and are simply where capillaries have burst close to the surface of the skin.  A more pinkish red spot is also a natural part of the area around the nipple, and should be nothing to worry about.

As to what could cause these spots, are you a teenager? When people are going through puberty they naturally get spots, mostly on the face and back, but they could be anywhere on the body. These are nothing to worry over.

If the spot is bigger, though, and hurts a lot and begins to weep or grows quickly, the best thing to do is to see your doctor. They will be able to sort out your ailment and either prescribe you some sort of cream or antibiotic, or safely remove it for you.
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I have small red spot on my right breast, 8cm far from my nipple, its not itchy not hurting and it has been there for about a week just before my monthly period this appeared. It s slightly the mark getting lighter now but I have an irregular breast size with my right breast. I feel like everyday my breasts getting smaller and smaller. What could be this please?
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This red spot on your breast can be caused by a breast infection or some viral disease but it is nothing to worry about.Just apply some ointment and it will cure.

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