Are Sore Nipples A Symptom Of The Menopause?


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Not especially. It could be a number of things like periods are due or when pregnant but also it could just be some sort of irritation. I have gone through the menopause and didn't have these symptoms so I would go and see your doctor to put your mind at rest it's probably not anything to worry about.
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I have the same problem. I also have swelling of the breasts for weeks sometimes 4-5. It is like I am waiting for the relief of a period that never comes. It is so painful I find myself walking with my arms over my chest. My doctor just looks at me when I complain about this like I am crazy. I am miserable.
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I'm peri-menapausal and last week had a period for 3 days. Before, during, and even now a week later, my nipples are very sensitive, sore. There must be something that links this to menapause.
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I agree with others.  I'm 50 and joined the peri-menopause ranks and for a period of 4-5 weeks, the sensitivity and pain was major.  It hurt to wear clothing; night seemed to hurt more, although it may be because I wasn't so busy.

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