I Have A Whitish, Yellowish Vaginal Discharge With A Slight Metal Smell. What Could This Mean?


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It could be a bacterial or parasitic infection.
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Maria E Shetler answered
Do you have a Intrauterine Device (IUD)?
Sometimes you can have whitish metal smell discharges, but not yellowish. If not, you may have an infection, I suggest to see a Doctor, these are "normal" infections and easy to treat.
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Rachel Duncan answered
You might have a yeast infection. To be sure and on the safe side you should go to see your doctor.
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Both white and yellow dischsrge can be result of mix infection (Bacterial and Protozoan). Folowing can be treatment

1. Imidazole derivative either oral or local (Diflucan Oral or Cansteen local).
2. Anti protozoan medicine (Flagyl)

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