At What Age Does A Womam Get Menopause?


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All medical systems vary from person to person according to their health conditions. Some people are healthy enough and they lead a very balanced life and avoid many troubles. In the same way some people have bad health and they face many problems and troubles and lead a miserable life. Now we comes towards your actual question that at what age a women get menopause and it can be explained like this.

As I mentioned above that different people have different health conditions and they lead their life according to those conditions. Average age of a woman when she gets menopause is around 45 to 50 years. But some women are so healthy that they cross this age and get menopause at the age of 52 or 55 and are able to deliver child. In the same way some women are so sick and unhealthy that they get menopause even less than the age of 45 years. It only depends the conditions of the health that individual woman possess. I have told you the average age but the only condition is of health of the women. I think this explanation is enough to satisfy your question.
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Menopause is when a woman goes through physical and emotional changes having effects on their sex life, they experience mood swings and hot flashes. There is no set age but during 40s a women does not enters her menopause however a few women may also some how go through their menopause during their mid thirties. Mood swing creates an irritated atmosphere. A Natural menopause ranges from 48-55. This is a natural process and no external factors contribute.A premature menopause can start during the 30s to the mid 50s some how the following factors contribute.

1. Heavy medication
2. Extra stress
3. Smoking
4. Any other medical problem may lead to a premature menopause.
5. Climate and weather conditions
6. Living at heights where gravity pulls
7. Extravagant diet
8. Ovarian failure
9. DNA transfers of premature menopause.
An Induced Menopause is when one deliberately removes his/her ovaries. This can happen when the patient undergoes an ovary disease and it becomes necessary to remove the ovaries. If not taken proper care in menopause than osteoporosis can be a serious health. This condition cannot be detected until fracture occurs
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Menopause is actually the final period ,when the menses pause or stop and it happens around 50 years of age on average. The whole system of changes until then is called the climacteric or change. Because things change or reach a climax

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