What Is The Symptom Of Menopausal Period? And What Age Is That?


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The end of your period, marks the beginning of menopause.  Now you get to deal with the symptoms of menopause, that, like you said, you're already experiencing. 
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Symptoms maybe irregular periods, hot flashes, and as far as age goes, it is hard to say since each woman will go into menapause at a different age, my cousin for instance went into menopause at 28, I started into menopause at 39 but became pregnant (thos irregular periods) 5 years later I am just starting into it.
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That is right what my mollie said, I am official pre menopausal, and I suffer with night sweats something fierce. Sorry you are going to be going through this.
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Wow I thought it was the "eventual "beginning of menopause
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Menopause is a woman's body permanently shutting down the reproductive system, some women have very few and most have no periods at all during fallowing into postmenopause. It generally occurs in midlife, and for my mom it started in her 50's. My mom experienced hot flashes, cold flashes, mood changes, weight gain and other hormonal problems with the change and is now in postmenopause. en.wikipedia.org

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