Can I Still Get Pregnant At Age 54?


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Cheryle Masters answered
Joan Lunden was 52 and had twins.
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
If you are still having your regular periods then chances of pregnancy are there. Usually, menopause starts after 45 years of age but in some ladies it can be delayed. If you are having your periods and wanted to get pregnant then visit a doctor for necessary tests to know about normal functioning of your gynecological system. So, visit a doctor.
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tia diamondz answered
If your not in menopause than I believe you can but the chances are very low.
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Yes you can, my grandmother had my aunt at 56 and my aunt is not much older then 10 years my age.
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Penny Kay answered
It is possible, if you have not completed menopause to get pregnant at 52. It is highly unlikely, but not impossible. Since 52 is the average age that women complete menopause, and you are missing periods, than this is possibly or likely a symptom of menopause.

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