How Does The Hcg Diet Effect The Gallbladder?


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Dr. Simeon's mentions warning people they may have trouble. Personally, I had more of my cholicy gallbladder symptoms early on in my 40 day very low calorie phase. As the days went by, my gallbladder seemed to settle down. I have just started Phase 3. I do not want gallbladder trouble, so I am choosing to ease down on my remaining drops (I did sub-lingual) as I ease up on my fat calories. So far this is working - I have had no gallbladder symptoms so far. This just seems more gentle on an aging body part. I am eating the fat that is included in foods, such as whole fat yogurt, rather than any 'separate' fats, such as adding oil to my vinaigrette. I will try 'added' fat on my 4th day in Phase 3, just easing into it and easing off my drops.

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