Is It Normal For Nipples To Feel Warm To Touch During Pregnancy?


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It is completely normal for your nipples to feel warm or sore during pregnancy. One of the first signs of pregnancy can be tender or supersensitive breasts. Your nipples will change during pregnancy which is why they will begin to feel more sensitive. They may darken in colour due to the hormones which effect pigmentation of the skin. The nipples will grow larger and stick out slightly more and small glands on the surface of the areolas called Montgomery's tubercles become raised bumps. Your breasts as a whole gradually get bigger and you may notice veins across your breasts which is simply due to the increased amount of blood travelling to the breasts.
Your breast tissue will also begin to change. Milk ducts and milk-producing cells will begin to form, causing your breasts to grow and change shape. More layers of fat beneath will begin to develop under your breasts, which will likely cause your breasts to increase in size. All of these factors contribute to the tenderness, soreness and swelling that you are experiencing.
This tenderness will usually ease by your second trimester but as your breasts are changing and developing it is extremely important to ensure you are wearing a properly fitting, supportive bra, particularly if you had large breasts to begin with. Taking a warm bath may help ease the sensitivity and generally calm and relax you. If your breasts and nipples feel overly hot, apply a cool face cloth to cool you down. It is also normal for your nipples to become dry or cracked and you can simply apply a thick moisturizer such as body butter to ensure they don’t become too cracked and too ease the discomfort.

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